Super Clean Creamy Garlic Dressing

In an effort to burn the pie out of my cells post Thanksgiving, I am doing a mini cleans. Part of it involves making my own salad dressing. That can be as simple as just using lemon or vinegar and oil, to making a blend of your own. It basically “cuts the crap”. Beachbody has a great Cream Garlic dressing as part of their #ultimatereset. I didn’t have all the ingredients, so I riffed, using what I had and what came out was so crazy good that I made a flipping meme and posted a blog!



To join in this free mini cleans- with daily cleaning recipes and simple challenges-

First: LIKE http://www.facebook.com/healingseason and

Then: JOIN the Healing Season Holistic Wellness Community Group.

See you there, superstar!

Big, huge, God-sized love.

❤ Shannyn

#healingseason #thehealingseason http://www.thehealingseason.com


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